Sisters Under Sail Teenage Girl's Sail Training Program


The girls not only learned the fundamentals of sailing, they also gained self-confidence, self-reliance, learned to believe in themselves and to respect different cultures and each other. They worked as a team to strategize the team-oriented activities and mastered their social skills as they lived in tight quarters for three days and nights with girls they never met before. They all agreed it was an experience of a lifetime!” Kimberly Klima ~ Associate Chief Operating Officer Girls Scouts of Lake Erie Council
“My daughter set sail on the Tallship Unicorn with some apprehension and doubt, but with a love for the water. It was a week of tough love and hard work. She found strength and bravery she didn't know she had inside of her. She learned the value of listening, working as a team and reaching inside of her to discover her true worth. Although tired after her voyage, she was more confident, her self-esteem soared and this school year has been one in which she has attempted new activities, experienced a deeper level of friendships and believed in herself. The sailing experience will always be remembered as a pivotal point in her life and it couldn't have come at a better time in her adolescence.” Melinda ~ Mother
Clinton, New Jersey
I liked that we only had girls on-board and no boys other than the Captain and 1st Mate, because there was less drama and I found it so much easier for me to open up in our group sessions. I wasn't afraid to try new things. In fact, I actually surprised myself when I climbed up 10 ratlines on the shroud to jump into the water! It was scary, but really, really fun!” Lindsey ~ age 15
Taylor had such a great time on the ship and is ready to go again. She is still talking about her time aboard. She came back with such an excitement for sailing. She drove us crazy on our boat. We never left the dock without her aboard. She now talks about working for you someday! I just wanted to say thank you, for the experience and for the opportunity. The Sisters Under Sail Program is a great program and I hope that it will continue for a very long time.” Loretta ~ mother
Duluth, Minnesota
I had a great time! The program showed me how to be your own woman.” Danielle ~ age 17
The goal of this program is to pass the message of sisterhood and "girl power" through life-training as the girls relate to issues we sailors face every time we take the wheel. The experiences that they had aboard the Tallship Unicorn and the interaction that happened while on this voyage will go a long way into helping them in their later life. This is truly a life experience.” Ginny "Boatchick" Hyer ~ writer Latitudes & Attitudes Magazine
Our daughter, Beatrice, had the pleasure of sailing with Sisters Under Sail last summer. We want to let you know how much we appreciate that opportunity. It was a wonderful experience on so many levels. Truly a valuable program and an adventure she will never forget.” Harriet ~ mother
Grosse Point Farms, Michigan
One night a little storm rolled in and we lost our engine. I was kind of tentative at first. But we really worked together to take the sails in. It was amazing. I would definitely do it again!” Alexis ~ age 16

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