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Ramona's Sail ~ Perth Amboy, New Jersey

Sisters Under Sail works closely with communities to support their brightest teenage girls who lack financial opportunity. Success is experienced when we can partner with organizations that can identify these high-potentials and match them with sponsorship dollars. We have had some success, but could do so much more for this targeted group.

“Ramona's sail was an excellent way to build confidence and self-esteem in young teenage girls. In addition, many of these youth may not have ever had the opportunity to go sailing because of economic constraints; however through this event were able to bring them a world class sailing experience aboard a luxury tallship.” Mayor Joseph Vas ~ City of Perth Amboy, New Jersey

Last summer, we partnered with the Girl Scouts of Lake Erie Council based in Cleveland. It only took their CEO, Cheryl Goggans, 10 minutes into a telephone conversation to realize that our Sisters program had value and that she wanted to give her girls the opportunity to jump aboard. The Council chose six racially diverse girls ages 15 – 17 to participate. Her comments were, "we want to encourage girls to take some level of risk and to become more comfortable with water. We know in some minority groups, that's a significant issue." The Girl Scouts sponsored 6 inner-city teens that sailed with us from Cleveland to Bay City, Michigan and they swam in Lake Huron every opportunity they had!

In Unicorn's home state of New Jersey, in 2005 we joined forces with the Mayor of Perth Amboy who identified 24 community teenage girls and a local business man who provided financial support for an 8-hour day sail leadership program entitled Ramona's Sail, appropriately named after the Mayor's mother. In 2007, we are proud to partner again with this community to bring aboard more deserving girls for a longer, 3-day program.

A tall ship sailing enthusiast and philanthropist from Oyster Bay, New York, who has been following the success of our Sisters program for 3 years, is sponsoring a group of 6 girls from Kips Bay Boys and Girls Club of New York in 2007. These Bronx -based teens will climb aboard for a week-long program in August

Our goal for these sponsored programs is to broaden the perspective of these teens. The program surely builds confidence and furthers their belief in the value of sisters working together, but it also helps them to see outside the box and reach deep within themselves to see their own strength, courage and tenacity.

If your community finds the need or desire to get behind one of these worthy programs, or if you are in a position to help us identify or financially support these bright students, please contact us for further information .

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