Sisters Under Sail Teenage Girl's Sail Training Program

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Pointe teens grow 5 days aboard ship

Grosse Pointe News, August 25, 2006

Three Grosse Pointe 14-year-old girls find life on the tallship Unicorn a fun and challenging learning experience - especially at 4 a.m. in a squall with the motor out.

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Girl Scouts prepare for fantasy trip on Tallship Unicorn

THE PLAIN DEALER, July 04, 2006

Kayla Klima has spent some time on a sailboat in summers past, but compared with her plans for later this month, that was sailing with a lowercase "s."

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Girls at the helm

The Bay City Times Writer -May 11, 2006

Dawn Santamaria knows about teenage girls. She should, having four daughters of her own.

And she's using that knowledge in her Sisters Under Sail program, in which teenage girls can sign on to crew the tall ship Unicorn.

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Girls find horizon limitless on ship

The Star-Ledger, August 10, 2006

Dressed in her electric-blue rain slicker, 14- year-old Lakesha watched yesterday, her face frozen with fright, as a crew member for the Tall Ship Unicorn demonstrated how to "go aloft," climbing the masts of the 110-foot topsail schooner docked at the Perth Amboy marina.

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Tallship Unicorn Puts Teenage Girls at the Helm

H20 Notes, June 8, 2006

Tallship Unicorn Puts Teenage Girls at the Helm with Sisters Under SailT Program

Tall ship set to sail the 2006 Tall Ships Challenge® Great Lakes Series with an ambitious crew of young girls

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Our Girls Take the Helm