Saint Mary's College Partnership Program

Chart Your Course™
Assessment Options

“The assessment portion of experience was excellent and 'primed' my pump to fully experience the sail.” Peg Thompson '72
Thompson White & Associates, Executive Vice President

Assessment raises awareness and serves as the foundation for personal decisions, goal-setting and development work. It combines anecdotal feedback with data from a battery of personality and psychological assessments. You will complete specially selected instruments and interview with a BeamPines Assessment Psychologist who will assist in identifying strengths and challenges, and setting goals for the program.

You have 2 assessment options:

  1. Personal Growth Assessment – $599
    • Includes:
      1. EQ Map Online ®
      2. BeamPines Sentence Completions
      3. BeamPines Priorities
      4. RankingBeamPines Personal Vision Statement
    • Report: 1-page summary page with strengths and development opportunities
  2. Executive Development Assessment - $1399
    • Includes:
      1. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator or Occupational Personality Questionnaire if participant has already taken Myer-Briggs Type Indicator.
      2. Bar-On EQi or EQ Map Online ®
      3. BeamPines Sentence Completions
      4. BeamPines Priorities Ranking
      5. BeamPines Vision Statement
    • Report: Mini 3 page report including Skills Analysis, Development Opportunities and Recommendations
    • Follow-up: A 1/2 hour discussion with the Assessment Psychologist to measure benchmarks met and continued development goals.

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