Saint Mary's College Partnership Program

Because of its success last summer,
Saint Mary's College
in partnership with
BeamPines, Inc. and Tallship Unicorn
once again offers a customized
Leadership Development program
exclusively for our executive alumnae.

Chart Your Courseis a comprehensive Leadership Development program for executive women created by the human resource professionals, BeamPines. The course focuses on five critical competencies that are most often cited in growth and development recommendations. Women leaders benefit from any or all of the elements according to their needs and circumstances.

The five competencies are:

One month prior to boarding Tallship Unicorn, under the direction of our BeamPines partners, your program begins with a customized Executive Assessment to help you tap into your own emotional compass, the first of the five competencies. The assessment raises awareness of your core skills, traits and competencies as an executive and a person and serves as the foundation for personal decisions, goal-setting and development work. It combines anecdotal feedback with data from a battery of personality and psychological assessments. You have 2 Assessment options:

Your exciting 4-day journey begins with front row seats aboard Tallship Unicorn to view New York City's awe-inspiring fireworks. We'll sail past Governors Island, the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island and find the perfect spot to take it all in...a once in a lifetime experience.

Chart Your Course™ group arriving Chicago.

In the context of this unique and highly relevant learning laboratory, you will have opportunities for self-exploration and group interaction as you meet the challenges of strategy-setting, leadership problem solving, decision-making and authentic teamwork. Unicorn's professional crew teach you everything you need to know about sailing the Tallship.

During your shared learning experience with 5 other executive women, together you will take the principles and skills that have been processed in "thoughts and language" throughout your business career and put them to immediate, observable action by participating in the navigation and maneuvering of a traditionally rigged, yet well appointed Tallship. You will set sails, climb the rigging, take the helm and after a delicious dinner, climb into your comfortable bed and sleep like a little girl....feeling young, inspired and wonderfully exhausted.

The BeamPines Psychologist will facilitate a number of exercises, download and feedback sessions throughout your journey to connect the dots between your shipboard experience and how it translates to your professional and personal life. Your shipmates shared Saint Mary's experience establishes a circle of trust that creates a safe learning environment. You will discover new findings about yourself and act as teacher for others.

The 6 women who reserve a space for this unique development program will sail from New York City, through the calm waters of the Long Island Sound into lovely Block Island where we'll treat ourselves to a delicious lobster feast!

Block Island Harbor

Our Women Take the Helm