About Tallship Unicorn

Frequently Asked Questions

Trainee Waiver and Release

What is a Tallship?
A tallship is identified by its sail plan and rigging. Tallships typically have traditional rigs, the type found on sailing ships before World War II. Tallships also have square or rectangular sails known as topsails that are set by crew members who scramble aloft to manually unfurl and furl them far above the deck. These sails, with names like “royals" and “gallants" are only found on tallships. Unicorn is a square-topsail gaff-rigged, two- masted schooner. “Gaff-rigged" refers to the mainsails. The top of the sail does not go to the top of the mast, as it does with contemporary sailboats, but instead is supported by an upper “spar" or boom. Schooners have been built with as many as seven masts. You will see many contemporary sailboats with two masts. They are usually ketches or yawls, which have a main mast and a shorter mast behind it. On a two-master schooner, the mast closest to the stern of the boat is the taller of the two.
Why a Tallship for Executive Training?
A ship like a business enterprise makes its way with a specific mission, strategy and destination. It is a large and complex vessel requiring hierarchy, organization and team-work in order to make the necessary environmental adjustments to accomplish its goal.
Do I need to have any sailing experience?
No. Unicorn is sailed by a licensed captain and a professional crew. The ship is a United States Coast Guard inspected vessel and has the latest in safety and navigation systems. You are encouraged to participate in the sailing of the ship under the direction of the crew.
How will I communicate with family?
Cell phones work only up to 2 miles offshore, therefore we have satellite phones aboard and numbers will be provided for participants to pass along to family members for emergency purposes.
What if I am ill or I have an emergency?
We have satellite phones, vhf ship radio and a single side band radio to contact emergency personnel. We also have certified first aid crew members aboard and a well stocked first aid locker and equipment.
What about seasickness?
Many people come aboard with a variety of seasickness remedies in fear of becoming ill. In our experience, everyone, professional crew included, can experience motion sickness from time to time. Most often it occurs at the beginning of a voyage and as you get your "sea legs" or adjust to the environment, it goes away. It's nothing to be ashamed of; everyone of the professional crew has been there and they are completely empathetic if it happens to you. We do keep remedies aboard that we have found effective; however, feel free to bring what makes you feel comfortable.
Will I be sharing a room?
The Unicorn has 4 midship cabins and one aft with separate crew quarters. Each cabin sleeps 2 very comfortably. You will most likely share your cabin with one room-mate. For added privacy, all cabins have their own heads, showers and sinks.
What amenities does the ship provide?
  • Professional crew and cook
  • Linens and towels
  • Provisions
  • What will I need to bring ?
  • Passports are required for voyages to the Bahamas and other foreign ports
  • Soft sided luggage (duffle bag) is suggested for easy stowage
  • Prescription medicines, patches, wristbands, ant-acids, motion sickness medications, etc.
  • Sunscreen, lip protection
  • Toiletries & Hair Dryer
  • Hat & Sunglasses
  • Sweatshirt, fleece (it's colder on the water)
  • Rain jacket
  • Comfortable, climate appropriate clothing
  • Bathing suit and beach towel
  • Docksiders, sneakers or Teva-style sandals
  • Camera
  • Journal