About Tallship Unicorn

Dawn Santamaria

Sisters Under Sail Corp., Founder & Executive Director
Co-owner of Tall Ship Unicorn
Chart Your Course™, Designer & Content Expert
G2 Collective™, Co-Founder

Dawn has over 30 years of business experience in the CPG industry, retail and as entrepreneur.  She is business partners with her husband, Jay Santamaria, at BeamPines Inc, a human capital and leadership development firm based in NYC and G2 Collective™, a human-to-human, interactive knowledge transfer platform.  As Founder, Chairwoman and Executive Director, Dawn is most active with her acclaimed not-for-profit leadership organization, Sisters Under Sail Corp.  Since 1999, Dawn and Jay have owned a 110-foot topsail schooner, Unicorn, which Dawn utilizes as her experiential learning lab for her all-female Sisters program.

Owning a tall ship introduced Dawn to traditional sail training that has long been recognized as a leadership and character building experience.  In 2005, Dawn decided to take the spirit of teamwork one step further by designing a curriculum exclusively for women of all ages to work side by side maneuvering her 100 ton tall ship teaching leadership competencies through authentic teamwork. Sailing as the only all-female crewed tall ship in the world, Sisters Under Sail has put aboard over 300 women and 500 teenage girls with 48% of those teens shipping aboard via sponsorship dollars.

In recognition of her work with Sisters Under Sail, Dawn was honored with the 2011 Leadership In Women’s Sailing Award at the National Women’s Sailing Association Conference.  The annual award, sponsored by the National Women’s Sailing Association and BoatU.S. honors an individual who has built up a record of achievement in inspiring, educating, and enriching the lives of women and girls through sailing.

Dawn also recently saw her women’s leadership development program, Chart Your Course™, go live on the G2 Collective™ e-learning platform through Sisters Under Sail.  The program’s goal is to deliver specific leadership competencies to women virtually via a cloud-based, modular learning approach.  The modules have been selected from Sisters Under Sail’s extensive experience working with women and girls and their seeing firsthand the topics that are critical to continued growth as a leader.  The modular training is coupled with work with an assigned executive coach to further explore, discuss and practice the skills presented in each module. 

Dawn is the mother of 4 daughters and graduate of Saint Mary’s College of Notre Dame, an all-women’s liberal arts college, where she serves as a member of the Alumnae Board of Directors.